What to Expect

Age Requirements

Pony Club is ages 6-25 years
Horse Masters is ages 18+
BVPC also offers a Senior Horse Management membership for non-riding adults who wish to learn or increase there education with horses. For example parents of Pony Clubbers, adult riders who wish to benefit from the PC programs


We have 2 meetings per month, on the 1st and 3rd Sunday. 

Our first meeting is un-mounted and focuses on Horse Management. 

Our second meeting is a mounted lesson.


Pony Club Certifications are an Education Based program that teaches and assesses ones competency on increasing levels of Horse Management. There are mounted and un-mounted certification requirements.
These certifications teach our members knowledge and skills whist making them accountable and independent participants in there horse related education. 

Certifications are available for all ages and levels.

Private Riding Tuition

Youth under 18yo are required to participate in some form of riding tuition separate to Pony Club. Onsite Instructors are available at Indian Hills Ranch and enable parents and riders to keep all there equestrian endeavors in the one location.  


Our riders often have the opportunity to participate in Rallies within the region.
Rallies are varied and include everything from Horse Management to Tetrathlon. Mounted and un-mounted Rallies occur frequently and give everyone a chance to learn, develop and compete.

Lease Horses

Being based at Indian Hills Ranch has it's advantages. Often times onsite owners and trainers have lease horses available.